So it's halfway into the year, and I'm just now adding new content to The Seen. Is fashionably late an acceptable excuse or... Anyhow, my return to the blog starts with one of my favorite go-to style moments, monochrome. It's a fun way to play with all of the different fabrics and colors in your wardrobe, conceiving a polished more cohesive look than a traditional outfit. I have always thought putting together a good outfit is like solving a puzzle. Creating a good monochrome outfit can be like solving a really hard puzzle. However, white is definitely one easy color to tackle, considering most people have a few white tees and sneakers hiding in the back of their closet. If you don't have any white bottoms, I suggest you invest in a pair fast. They're staples.

Here I brought back an old faveorite, these pleated white shorts, paring it with my Stan Smiths and this logo tee. Also just by the way, whoever said it's always warm in LA clearly lied. Over the past couple months, I've found myself draped in coats and sweatshirts a lot more than usual during this time of the year. Creating a little monochrome disruption, this neon yellow coach jacket has two purposes: adding a burst of color and keeping my little iron deficient arms warm.


Side note. I noticed that I've been sitting a lot in my more recent shoots. I don't know if it actually looks good or I'm somehow subconsciously content with being lazy, but there will probably be more of these to come.
*cue the superhero stance*

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

Zara, shorts (similar) here

Forever 21, jacket here

Adidas, sneakers here

A.P.C., tee here

boys life


With 2017 coming to a close, I felt it was appropriate to end the year with one last blog post. I have actually worn this exact outfit on a few different occasions, but this is the first time I decided to shoot in it. The beautiful scenery of San Clemente and the shopping plaza near one of the best coffee shops in Laguna Beach complemented it perfectly.

It's no secret that logo tees have been a hot commodity this year. I've been in love with Rag & Bone for years, especially their tees because I can always count on them having a nice loose fit and comfy fabric. This tee certainly meets those expectations. Unlike some brands, the simplicity of their logo makes this tee able to work for just about any outfit.

Mini backpacks have been on my radar lately, with my heart set on finding either a yellow or green one. My bank account is going to have wait a little longer until I come across green (fortunately), but I found this yellow bag and was sold immediately. While it is technically a little more small than mini, it's still the perfect size to carry around anywhere without any hassle. It is accompanied by the most stylish bottoms known to man, snap/tearaway track pants. Their ultra-casual style are elevated by the monotone satin like finish of the fabric.


This outfit is finished off with my favorite satin bomber and these round vintage-esque black frames. They help in creating a very dark cohesive look full of luxe athleisure notes. 

Adidas, sneakers here pants (similar) here

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here 

ASOS, sunglasses (similar) here

Rag & Bone, tee (similar) here

H&M, jacket (similar) here

Everlane, backpack here

black ice


This past weekend I accompanied a friend to the incredibly beautiful Annenberg Space for Photography. We saw the exhibit Cuba Is, which explored the island of Cuba and the different aspects of its culture. In typical "us" fashion, we decided to have a quick photo session once we wrapped up our visit. After all, a center for photography is the perfect place to snap a few photos, right?

Sale season always brings along the pieces in my wardrobe that I'll pretty much obsess over for the next year. This time around, one of those items is this navy velour sweatshirt. I love pieces that can adapt to whatever you wear it with. Here, the silky smoothy velour texture lends the outfit a more luxe vibe. The piped lines on the side gives the outfit depth and geometric properties when placed next to my oval frames.

These shorts are another favorite of mine. They are like the upgrade of your everyday pair of jersey shorts. The shiny black material and subtle pleats makes them a lot more interesting and attractive to the eye. Together, the sweatshirt and the shorts really create a technical and sporty vibe, that is only further supported by these ice white Stan Smith sneakers.


Technical. Sporty. Luxe. Geometric. This look is giving me a little bit of everything, and I love it.

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

Topman, sweatshirt (similar) here

H&M, shorts (similar) here

Adidas, sneakers here

you are the right one


Please forgive me, because I know a new blog post has been LONG overdue. I ended up taking a little break from blogging and spent a lot less time on social media over the summer. I did not exactly plan on doing this, it more or less just happened. Although I have to admit, I enjoyed the semi-hiatus a teeny tiny bit. Nonetheless, I am back to business, and the wait for a new blog post is finally over. 

These little round black frames are my new favorite thing. I am always on the look out for staple pieces for my wardrobe, and these are the perfect accessory to every outfit. The sunglasses have a very classic-cool vibe which pairs well with this button-up, another new favorite of mine. Probably 90% of all menswear bloggers own this shirt. I saw it up and down my Instagram feed for a solid month so I figured I would join the club. Apart from feeling comfortable and fitting amazing, the shirt has a beautiful floral pattern that is very on trend.

I have to be honest. These checkered sneakers have quite literally been around for my entire existence, and up until around a year ago I thought they were the ugliest pair of shoes ever. I remember going to the mall for new shoes during back-to-school shopping every year and always seeing these in Journey's thinking "who actually wears those?" Well 12 year-old Cornell, you actually wear them. After seeing how so many people styled these sneakers I got on board. They are surprisingly very versatile. They work well with a great deal of my jeans and pants, much like they do with these cropped white chinos here. Whether the look is simple and casual or something a little more complex, these are sure to complement it.


In retrospect to writing this, is this blog post simply a confirmation that I'm just another trend follower? Is my sense of style as original as I once thought it was? Eh, who really knows?

Zara, shirt here pants (similar) here

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here

ASOS, sunglasses (similar) here

Vans, shoes here



Last week came the end of another school year, meaning a temporary end to my time in Los Angeles. Of course I couldn't leave the city without getting in another blog shoot. This shoot primarily takes place at The Beverly Hills Hotel, featuring a casual look perfect for spring and the impending summer.

I have been adding more graphic tees to my wardrobe in preparation for the summer. They're very carefree, fun, and laid-back, basically the essence of the summertime. This cheeky tee certainly fits that description. I paired it with these ripped skinny jeans, going along with the whole casual and laid-back vibe.

This outfit is accompanied by my favorite accessories, these Saint Laurent frames and this twin skull cuff. Both of these add character to the outfit and makes it more interesting. The sunglasses exude California coolness and the bracelet gives off an edgy vibe.

I wore these sneakers in my last post, but I didn't get the chance to ooze over them as much as I wanted to. I am totally late to the Stan Smith bandwagon, but I'm happy I finally joined. These work well with pretty much anything. They look great with simple casual outfits like this one, as well as with more sophisticated and intricate looks. I definitely wear these more than my other shoes now, giving my Dr. Martens and All Saints boots a much needed break.

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here

Burger and Friends, tee here

Mango, jeans (similar) here

Adidas, sneakers here

frank + oak

I have been following the menswear/womenswear brand Frank + Oak for a few years now, and I am ecstatic to take part in announcing their all new Style Plan! Style Plan is a subscription service that lets you choose up to four items from a selection tailored to your personal style below retail price every month or two months. You get to choose what you want and when you want it! Right now, there is a special introductory offer of $30 off the first month! Who doesn't love a good deal?

One of the items I received in my first shipment was this sweater, which became a favorite of mine the instant I put it on. This sweater checks all the boxes. The fit is spot on, it is super comfortable, and the pattern makes for a fun unique design. I paired it with a simple pair of black shorts and white sneakers, creating a nice casual look for the spring.

Hurry and sign up for the Style Plan while the promo lasts!
Click HERE for the discount!



I'm late and totally almost forgot, but this month marks the one year anniversary of The Seen! What better way to celebrate than with a shoot in my favorite part of LA?

This oversized tee is probably one of the best things in my closet. It is such a unique piece. The broad black and white stripes and asymmetrical hemming gives off a minimalist vibe. The wide bell-like sleeves adds a bit of character to the tee and makes it a lot more interesting.

Finding a good pair of jeans is hard. Finding a good pair of black distressed skinny jeans is even harder. Not only do I like the fit of these, but I'm obsessed with the rips which make for a casual edgy look. A pair of jeans like these are a closet staple. Another thing everyone needs in their wardrobe is a nice pair of black suede boots. I wear these all the time with a variety of different outfits, because they are extremely versatile. I was honestly a little bit surprised to see they were only previously featured on the blog once.

I have gushed about my love for these sunglasses already, so I'll save you the spiel. I originally planned to wear a different pair with this outfit, but I tried these on last minute and they worked so much better. They really bring the whole outfit together creating a cohesive look.

The standout piece in this look would definitely be this adorable velvet backpack. They say things are instantly more fun in miniature form, and the pins make it all the more playful. The bag really contrasts with the monochromatic seriousness of the rest of the outfit. Fun fact: One of the pins fell off, and I didn't even realize it until I was looking at the photos after the shoot.

I wanted to end this post thanking all of my readers for supporting me for a year. I have a lot more planned for the future, and I hope you guys stay on this ride with me!

BKBT Concept, tee (similar) here  jeans (similar) here

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

Pull & Bear, (similar) backpack here

All Saints, shoes (similar) here

trickle trickle

Los Angeles is known for its year-round sunny weather, but it's rained a lot more than usual over the past few months. One of those rainy days occurred on the day my friend and I had this fairly short photoshoot, resulting in the less than dry photos that follow.

The raindrops make a nice addition to my  jacket, right? This is probably one of the older things in my closet. It's the perfect casual piece with a punch of vibrance, so I just can't seem to make myself give it up. Satin has a way of making things look more luxurious and refined, which it does here with this bomber. The loud royal blue makes things a lot more fun and laidback.

I'm always writing about how I am so obsessed with something, but damn, I honestly am obsessed with this bracelet. I have been wanting a twin skull cuff for so long, and I finally decided to take the leap and buy one. They have always seemed so casual-cool to me; cool enough to add a bit of an edgy vibe to a look, but still casual enough to wear with anything. I wear mine almost every day. It complements the attitude this Playboy tee is giving pefectly.


So did the rain kinda ruin my photoshoot? Yes. 
Do I still like these pictures? That would be a yes too.

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here 

S&H Athletics, jacket (similar) here

Joyrich, tee (similar) here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here

Zara, jeans (similar) here

Dr. Martens, boots here

nuclear seasons

Channeling my inner hipster with this laid-back 90s-inspired look.

Of course I could not begin to create a 90s look without wearing my favorite pair of sunglasses, these white Cobain-esque frames. Another favorite of mine would be this satin bomber jacket. The satin has subtle shine to it which elevates the jacket and sets it apart from simple black bombers. I wear it all the time, as it looks good with pretty much any outfit.

This graphic tee is very reminiscent of The Rolling Stones' logo, which is what came to mind the minute I laid eyes on it . The tee pairs well with the sunglasses and looks very cohesive.

These cropped light wash jeans ooze vintage vibes. They go perfectly with the 90s feel of the whole outfit. I have previously talked about my obsession with creepers and these gold beauties were the start of it. I bought these 2-3 years ago from SSENSE and have had my eyes on creepers ever since. Creepers always add a bit of grunge to an outfit, and the metallic effect of these in particular adds flare as well. They are the perfect end to this look.

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

H&M, jacket (similar) here

RVCA, jeans (similar) here

Underground, shoes here

Obey, tee (similar) here

not in love

I have been meaning to publish this post for a little while now. Luckily, I had a bit of free time in between studying for finals and writing essays to actually do it. Over Thanksgiving Break, I spent a few days with my sister in Las Vegas. She has been pretty obsessed with photography lately and decided to take a few completely impromptu shots of me at a street corner on the Strip.  I ended up actually liking  a few of them, thus the inception of this blog post.

Since the weather has begun dipping into lower temperatures I can finally make use of my sweaters. This one in particular is a favorite of mine. I find the pattern very euphoric, with its depiction of a warm sunset with roaring waves and palm trees blowing in the wind. It makes for a very California inspired look in the heart of Sin City.

I scored these boots from Opening Ceremony in August for over 70% off. One could say that it was my greatest accomplishment over the summer. They have a bit of a western flare to them, and the rust color is adaptable to any outfit. They and the sweater are accompanied by two wardrobe staples of mine, these black skinny jeans and my reptile embossed backpack.

Contrary to the title of this article I am in love. These sunglasses are probably my favorite thing in the world right now. The 90s Cobain style exudes California and creates a cohesive vibe when paired with the sweater. They are incredibly versatile as well. Not only do they work for a casual laid back outfit such as this, but they would pair well with an edgy eclectic look or one that is more sophisticated and refined . You will definitely being seeing a lot more of these on the blog.

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

Alexander Wang, boots (similar) here

All Saints, sweater (similar) here

Zara, backpack here  jeans here




FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I continue my recent trend of pale pinks with my latest look. This outfit is a bit of a combination between sophisticated and casual, a theme I find in a lot of my outfits.

The top is easily my favorite part of this look. Mock neck tops seem to be everywhere this season, and it's definitely a trend I can get with. I have five and recently ordered another, but who's really counting? As I mentioned in the previous post, pink has been another obsession of mine lately, so obviously this top was a must for me. I also really love these matte sunglasses. Paired with the top, it creates a nice solid palette that gives off a luxe and sophisticated vibe. 

I probably need an intervention seeing as I have these skinny jeans in every wash they come in. They are just so cheap and fit so well that I couldn't help myself. I really wanted to include these in this outfit, because  in comparison to the mock neck top and matte sunglasses, they make for a much more laid-back look. 

Along with the jeans, these black slip on sneakers really loosen up the outfit and creates a casual vibe. Part of me feels like I am totally clashing with the reptile embossed leather look of the backpack and the sneakers, but the other part of me loves it. The contrast of the two makes the outfit all the more interesting, and it goes along with the theme of the outfit being a contrast of two different styles.

Zara, top here backpack here jeans here

ASOS, shoes (similar) here

Prism,  sunglasses here



Cheers to my first blog post back in the City of Angels. School recently started, and it is already proving to be a tough semester. To unwind, a friend and I went to the flower district last weekend and roamed around downtown afterwards, where we had a bit of a photoshoot.

One of the more peculiar additions to my wardrobe would be this tee shirt with nipple piercings. The piercings add just the right amount of detail and intrigue to the tee.

This biker jacket is my new prized possession. I was obsessed at first sight. I was looking for new jackets for the winter and  trying to incorporate pinks into my wardrobe when I laid eyes on it. This was the answer to my consumer prayers. For menswear, it is a fresh and unique take on the traditional closet staple. Along with the tee, I paired it with my favorite skinny jeans and these new suede boots.

After searching for the perfect backpack to come into the new school year with for months, I finally came across this one. I wanted something very versatile, sleek, and modern, and this embossed leather look really fit the bill. 

These hydrangeas make the perfect accessory for my outfit, right?

PS by Paul Smith, jacket (similar) here

Zara, backpack here jeans here

All Saints, shoes (similar) here

LPD NY, tee here


can't get enough

Here is a more colorful look to disrupt my recent trend of black and white outfits.

First off, I am pretty much obsessed with this shirt, my prized possession from this season’s Zara sale. It has a silk like texture that is not only visually appealing but very comfortable. It totally gives me a “luxurious pajamas that can pass for casual clothes” vibe.

I spent hours online looking for a great pair of satin shorts, and I was lucky to come across these. I love the subtle glossy effect they have. It really makes them stand out and more stylish than any ordinary pair of shorts. The pink hue complements the flowers in the shirt perfectly. The similar materials of the shorts and shirt makes the look a lot more cohesive as well.

This look is finished off with these icy white sneakers I’ve had for a little over a year. They have always managed to put an outfit together.

Zara, shirt (similar) here  sneakers (similar) here

ASOS, shorts (similar) here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here

stay loose

Surely a  person can never wear too much black and white? Here is another monochromatic look to add to the blog. I really like this outfit, because its fairly simple and laid-back. It just has nice basics that have a bit of character.

Out of the three pairs of white jeans I own (everyone has at least three, right?), these are definitely my favorite. I really like how these fit, and the rips are not a bad touch either. They work perfectly for a casual look like this one. They are joined by another favorite of mine, my suede chelsea boots.

The standout piece in this look is the tee shirt. The circle adds a bit of edginess and texture contrast to what would otherwise be a plain black tee. In the future, I'll definitely keep in mind not to wear it on super hot days (it was 97 degrees outside), because a black tee with a big leather circle does not exactly deter the heat. On the other hand, my aviators did a great job blocking out the sun.

Rag & Bone, tee (similar) here

Boohoo, jeans (similar) here

Eleven Paris, backpack here

ASOS, boots (similar) here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here




Last week my sophomore year of college came to an end, which means I finally have more time to work on the blog. I’m so happy to have a break from school, but there’s one drawback: no more jackets and sweaters. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with seasons when it comes to clothes and weather.

Since I’m back home in 80 to 90 degree temperatures, my relationship with my favorite jacket is on hiatus, so this is the last time I’ll be wearing it until Fall. It always manages to up the coolness factor of a look, while remaining fairly simple and casual. I also really like this ribbed tee and the texture and contrast it gives this outfit.

My skinny jeans give off a bit of an edgy vibe, and the pairing of them with my jacket really creates a cohesive ensemble. The only thing I like more than my awkwardness in these photos, are the sunglasses I’m wearing. They’re so sleek and I love the minimalism they add to this look.

Over the past couple of years I’ve developed an obsession for creepers, and these are easily my favorite pair. What I generally like about creepers is how much they stand out with their eccentric style, but these have a much more soft and subtle mode to them that I’m drawn to.

All Saints, jacket (similar) here shoes (similar) here

Retro Super Future, sunglasses here

Topman, tee (similar) here

Zara, jeans here

strangeness and charm

This look oozes monochromatic simplicity with a touch of streetwear edginess. This denim jacket quickly has become one of my favorites in my wardrobe, since purchasing it this past January. I wear it almost as often as I wear my Dr. Martens, which is arguably too much.

Despite being almost hidden by the jacket, the standout piece from this look would be the shirt. The faux leather bib is eye catching and adds edge to what would otherwise be another plain white shirt.

These pleated shorts are another favorite of mine. They give off a sophisticated luxe vibe that fits well with the shirt and contrasts perfectly with the jacket and boots. 

An outfit full of favorites would not be complete without a favorite bag to go along with it. While I doubt Karl Lagerfeld himself would approve of this backpack, it definitely gets a pass  in my book.

All Saints, jacket (similar) here 

Eleven Paris, backpack here

Zara, shorts (similar) here

Sons of Heroes, shirt here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here

Dr. Martens, boots here

cool as a fire

I got the inspiration for this look from a photo I saw of Luka Sabbat at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. His outfit included Off-White and Saint Laurent, so obviously I had to create my own "budget-friendly" version.

My favorite piece from this look would hands down be the jacket. I love the furry texture, and the rich toffee color.  I'm also a huge fan of the suede chelsea boots. They can give any outfit just the right amount of luxe and edge it needs.

Lately, I've sort of had an obsession with plain t-shirts with text. They're so simple and versatile, I feel like they go with pretty much any type of look you want to pull off. This "Trouble In Paradise" tee is certainly no exception.

Topman, jacket (similar) here 

Eleven Paris, backpack here

ASOS, boots (similar) here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here

Rag & Bone, tee here

Zara, jeans here

i've just begun

After talking about starting a blog for almost a year, I have finally done it. From choosing what kind of content I wanted to post to finding a website with the layout I envisioned, nothing ended up being as hard as picking a name. I ultimately decided on The Seen. I feel like the name gives off a chill, seemingly cool-without-trying vibe, the only way I can describe my personal style. Anyway, on to the clothes.

My neon sweatshirt is toned down in the photos and I can’t decide if that is a good or bad thing. It and the faux leather shorts are byproducts of end-of-season sales, like the vast majority of my closet. I really like these shorts, because they are fun to wear and give off a bit of an edgy look.

I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens this past winter, and now I probably wear them 6 out of 7 days in the week. They are definitely a closet staple, along with a black pair of aviators I think everyone should own.

Thanks for reading! More to come!

Zara, backpack (similar) here shorts (similar) here

Études Studio, sweatshirt here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here

Dr. Martens, boots here