I could give you a huge spiel explaining where I’ve been for the past year, or I could just jump into this post and start talking about the royal blue perfection that is my outfit. Truthfully, I would much rather do the latter, but meeting in the middle wouldn’t be so bad. Long story short, I finished undergrad and had to get adjusted to what I’ve been waiting practically my whole life for: paying my own bills, working a 9-5, and struggling to maintain a social life. You know, the pro’s of adulthood. Now I’m back online and have a lot of new content in store for the upcoming months, fingers crossed until the end of time. Thanks to my sister, I have a couple shoots all ready to go including this set of photos I’ve been oozing over for the past few weeks.

How could I make a proper return without paying homage to a brand near and dear to my heart: Topman. I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that Topshop/Topman are closing all U.S. locations (insert sad face), though they’ll still at least exist online for us in the states. Coincidentally, my outfit came right off a Topman sale rack, both the top and bottoms. While I hate to admit it, I’ve owned these pants maybe two years and have only utilized them a few times. Walking around in pants this vibrant is a statement in itself, so if you’re taking the plunge you need to do so correctly. I paired them with this snake print turtleneck creating a cohesive color coordinating look. The bold hues of the pattern had me instantly sold on this sweater.

One thing for sure hasn’t changed in the last year: I still love a good mini backpack. The design is very much classic Adidas, sporty and casual. The faux leather finish gives it a polished looked, allowing it to pair well with more thought out ensembles. This bag has been hiking, to the beach, on multiple flights, at art museums, and at a few different nightlife spots. At this point Adidas should be paying me for the promotion.

And my first post in over a year ends with these lovely photos of me waiting at a bus stop at The Beverly Hills Hotel, the natural habitat of an LA pedestrian. Have you ever seen another cobwebbed clustered transit stop as fabulous as this one? Go on. I’ll wait.

Adidas, backpack (similar) here and here and sneakers here
Topman, sweater (similar) here and pants (similar) here
Dior, sunglasses (similar) here