So it's halfway into the year, and I'm just now adding new content to The Seen. Is fashionably late an acceptable excuse or... Anyhow, my return to the blog starts with one of my favorite go-to style moments, monochrome. It's a fun way to play with all of the different fabrics and colors in your wardrobe, conceiving a polished more cohesive look than a traditional outfit. I have always thought putting together a good outfit is like solving a puzzle. Creating a good monochrome outfit can be like solving a really hard puzzle. However, white is definitely one easy color to tackle, considering most people have a few white tees and sneakers hiding in the back of their closet. If you don't have any white bottoms, I suggest you invest in a pair fast. They're staples.

Here I brought back an old faveorite, these pleated white shorts, paring it with my Stan Smiths and this logo tee. Also just by the way, whoever said it's always warm in LA clearly lied. Over the past couple months, I've found myself draped in coats and sweatshirts a lot more than usual during this time of the year. Creating a little monochrome disruption, this neon yellow coach jacket has two purposes: adding a burst of color and keeping my little iron deficient arms warm.


Side note. I noticed that I've been sitting a lot in my more recent shoots. I don't know if it actually looks good or I'm somehow subconsciously content with being lazy, but there will probably be more of these to come.
*cue the superhero stance*

Saint Laurent, sunglasses (similar) here

Zara, shorts (similar) here

Forever 21, jacket here

Adidas, sneakers here

A.P.C., tee here