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Cornell HawkinsComment

Please forgive me, because I know a new blog post has been LONG overdue. I ended up taking a little break from blogging and spent a lot less time on social media over the summer. I did not exactly plan on doing this, it more or less just happened. Although I have to admit, I enjoyed the semi-hiatus a teeny tiny bit. Nonetheless, I am back to business, and the wait for a new blog post is finally over. 

These little round black frames are my new favorite thing. I am always on the look out for staple pieces for my wardrobe, and these are the perfect accessory to every outfit. The sunglasses have a very classic-cool vibe which pairs well with this button-up, another new favorite of mine. Probably 90% of all menswear bloggers own this shirt. I saw it up and down my Instagram feed for a solid month so I figured I would join the club. Apart from feeling comfortable and fitting amazing, the shirt has a beautiful floral pattern that is very on trend.

I have to be honest. These checkered sneakers have quite literally been around for my entire existence, and up until around a year ago I thought they were the ugliest pair of shoes ever. I remember going to the mall for new shoes during back-to-school shopping every year and always seeing these in Journey's thinking "who actually wears those?" Well 12 year-old Cornell, you actually wear them. After seeing how so many people styled these sneakers I got on board. They are surprisingly very versatile. They work well with a great deal of my jeans and pants, much like they do with these cropped white chinos here. Whether the look is simple and casual or something a little more complex, these are sure to complement it.


In retrospect to writing this, is this blog post simply a confirmation that I'm just another trend follower? Is my sense of style as original as I once thought it was? Eh, who really knows?

Zara, shirt here pants (similar) here

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here

ASOS, sunglasses (similar) here

Vans, shoes here