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Cornell HawkinsComment

With 2017 coming to a close, I felt it was appropriate to end the year with one last blog post. I have actually worn this exact outfit on a few different occasions, but this is the first time I decided to shoot in it. The beautiful scenery of San Clemente and the shopping plaza near one of the best coffee shops in Laguna Beach complemented it perfectly.

It's no secret that logo tees have been a hot commodity this year. I've been in love with Rag & Bone for years, especially their tees because I can always count on them having a nice loose fit and comfy fabric. This tee certainly meets those expectations. Unlike some brands, the simplicity of their logo makes this tee able to work for just about any outfit.

Mini backpacks have been on my radar lately, with my heart set on finding either a yellow or green one. My bank account is going to have wait a little longer until I come across green (fortunately), but I found this yellow bag and was sold immediately. While it is technically a little more small than mini, it's still the perfect size to carry around anywhere without any hassle. It is accompanied by the most stylish bottoms known to man, snap/tearaway track pants. Their ultra-casual style are elevated by the monotone satin like finish of the fabric.


This outfit is finished off with my favorite satin bomber and these round vintage-esque black frames. They help in creating a very dark cohesive look full of luxe athleisure notes. 

Adidas, sneakers here pants (similar) here

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here 

ASOS, sunglasses (similar) here

Rag & Bone, tee (similar) here

H&M, jacket (similar) here

Everlane, backpack here