Cornell HawkinsComment


Cornell HawkinsComment

As a child I had an almost irrational distaste for the color red. In a lot of cartoons and TV shows I watched, blue (my favorite color) and red conveyed good vs. evil. Somehow that manifested in me associating red with everything bad in the world, and why would an angel like me want to be associated with evil? Any who, I eventually grew up and stopped missing out on how good red looks on my skin which brings us to this outfit. The mute black and white pieces lends to minimalism, but the hot magma pool of leopard print adds more loud and abstract elements to the look. I figured I would glam it up a bit with a necklace, and threw on my go to shades and wrist wear.

Out of all the things I’ve worn, this shirt by far has been the most complimented. It’s practically been a staple in my wardrobe since the moment I bought it. The print is very bold yet versatile, perfect for standing out in any occasion whether you’re going out to drinks or a work event. I sort of did just pair it with a blazer… this counts as business casual, right? Maybe the shorts would go against some definitions, but it’s a hot LA summer and my legs need to breathe.

My mini Adidas backpack is making another appearance on the blog, and it certainly won’t be its last. As I mentioned before, this bag goes with pretty much everything and it fits right into this look. I wanted something that popped against the outfit’s dark palette, so I paired them with another pure white piece: everyone’s favorite Fila sneakers. Hopefully the hypebeast gods will forgive me for clashing brands.


H&M, blazer here shorts here and belt (similar) here
Forever 21, necklace (similar) here
Adidas, backpack (similar) here
Dior, sunglasses (similar) here
All Saints, shirt (similar) here
Fila, sneakers here