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Los Angeles is known for its year-round sunny weather, but it's rained a lot more than usual over the past few months. One of those rainy days occurred on the day my friend and I had this fairly short photoshoot, resulting in the less than dry photos that follow.

The raindrops make a nice addition to my  jacket, right? This is probably one of the older things in my closet. It's the perfect casual piece with a punch of vibrance, so I just can't seem to make myself give it up. Satin has a way of making things look more luxurious and refined, which it does here with this bomber. The loud royal blue makes things a lot more fun and laidback.

I'm always writing about how I am so obsessed with something, but damn, I honestly am obsessed with this bracelet. I have been wanting a twin skull cuff for so long, and I finally decided to take the leap and buy one. They have always seemed so casual-cool to me; cool enough to add a bit of an edgy vibe to a look, but still casual enough to wear with anything. I wear mine almost every day. It complements the attitude this Playboy tee is giving pefectly.


So did the rain kinda ruin my photoshoot? Yes. 
Do I still like these pictures? That would be a yes too.

Alexander McQueen, bracelet here 

S&H Athletics, jacket (similar) here

Joyrich, tee (similar) here

Ray-Ban, sunglasses here

Zara, jeans (similar) here

Dr. Martens, boots here