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I continue my recent trend of pale pinks with my latest look. This outfit is a bit of a combination between sophisticated and casual, a theme I find in a lot of my outfits.

The top is easily my favorite part of this look. Mock neck tops seem to be everywhere this season, and it's definitely a trend I can get with. I have five and recently ordered another, but who's really counting? As I mentioned in the previous post, pink has been another obsession of mine lately, so obviously this top was a must for me. I also really love these matte sunglasses. Paired with the top, it creates a nice solid palette that gives off a luxe and sophisticated vibe. 

I probably need an intervention seeing as I have these skinny jeans in every wash they come in. They are just so cheap and fit so well that I couldn't help myself. I really wanted to include these in this outfit, because  in comparison to the mock neck top and matte sunglasses, they make for a much more laid-back look. 

Along with the jeans, these black slip on sneakers really loosen up the outfit and creates a casual vibe. Part of me feels like I am totally clashing with the reptile embossed leather look of the backpack and the sneakers, but the other part of me loves it. The contrast of the two makes the outfit all the more interesting, and it goes along with the theme of the outfit being a contrast of two different styles.

Zara, top here backpack here jeans here

ASOS, shoes (similar) here

Prism,  sunglasses here